Hi Everyone!

My name is Bernadett and I was born in a small village in Hungary, later spent a good 10 years of my life in England and now I live in Pasadena, California with my husband Zsolt.

I spent all my working life in offices, sitting behind a desk, in front of a computer and always envied those people who are really good at what they do and really lover their job. For a very long time in our family this person was my husband.

And then, when we moved over here from Europe, suddenly I had time. Time to think and enjoy what really interests me. Now I am lucky enough to follow my passion in cooking and photography and getting better and better at both with every single passing sunny California day.

My blog which is born under the California sun will take you to the markets and farms of my neighborhood and then back to my home, behind my camera and eventually to my kitchen where I will transform all the produce that was again, just like my blog, born under the California sun, into tasty and healthy dishes and hopefully I can help you, teach you and inspire you to follow my steps, venture out, buy local produce, get to know your unusual ingredients, be curious and make some tasty, beautiful dishes to enjoy with friends and family.

A plate of really good food always always always starts with the best possible ingredients. Fresh, local, seasonal, organic produce will taste superior to anything else and sets you off for success. The next step is making sure you use the proper technique to preserve the look and nutrients and enhance the flavor of your produce and ultimetly your dish.

I will also try and show you the beauty of all the produce and anything else I find in nature or during my travels.

So let’s start our journey and along the way you will learn more about me and how I ended up finding my calling not long ago and how happy it makes me to realize that I am indeed good at something 🙂

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