Sunday morning

Getting up early on a Sunday when everybody else is sleeping. It is only me, quietly making my capuccino to go and off to the market.

Freeway 134 from Pasadena to Hollywood is so empty, only a few early risers driving slow wherever they are going. Hollywood Blvd is showing its quiet face too, without that usual craziness that comes later. And then you walk into Ivar street and it is already buzzing. Food vendors getting ready, people queuing up at the coffee place, grills are getting cleaned and farmers still prepping their stands. It is only my second Sunday here, but I know so many of them. From other markets.

I engage in chatting. Always. Living in California totally changed me in this respect. I would never have started small talk with strangers. But here I do. With vendors, shoppers, everyone. I see the screen of someone else’s camera, while taking a photo of the exact same thing I did just minutes ago. Tasting peach at so many stands and then walk back to the very first one because that was the best. Happily sharing my recipe using duck egg and sorrel with a farmer. I so love this place.

And then I come home. My husband is still sleeping. Doggies greet me with big smiles, and off we go for a walk. But it is the photos I took at the market that is on my mind. So when we are back I turn on my computer and get lost in Lightroom and the photos.

Hope you enjoy them!

fennel pollen
heirloom carrot
tiny carrot
white peach
lemon verbena

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