Strawberries…. Depending on where you live they are in season in spring and early summer. They are not here forever. And if you never bought them directly from a farm, or picked your own, you don’t know what you are missing out on…. SoCal strawberries are famously good. And we have probably the best farm, Harry’s berries in Oxnard, CA that supplies amazing varieties, so different in taste and texture, to some of the best restaurants even to the East Coast. I am so lucky to have access to their strawberries at 3 different markets.

But wherever you are if you have local, organic! strawberries go get some and not only eat them as a simple fruit but try and cook/bake with them.

As a principle strawberries go well with any kinds of cream. Clotted cream, creme fraiche, cream cheese, mascarpone, sourcream, yogurt etc. As for alcohol best to be matched with champagne, cognac and the orange liqueurs. When you mix them with other fruits, try and add tart ones such as rhubarb, citrus, raspberries and peaches, nectarines which are not overly sweet and soft.

Let’s see some ideas!

Strawberry milkshake for breakfast? You only need the berries, good full fat milk, vanilla  and a little bit of maple syrup.



Make a quick jam without any preservatives, using only the strawberries, lemon juice and white cane sugar and eat it in a couple of days. Have a toast with your homemade, natural jam, or serve it with churros, doughnuts if you don’t mind that white flour.

quick strawberry jam
buttermilk doughnut balls with strawberry jam


Make a sweet, intense sauce adding old aged, thick balsamic and serve it with a simple cake, rice pudding, ricotta dumpling, or whatever you feel like. Strawberries are great with almond so it is a really good fit to make an almond cake to serve it with.

balsamic strawberry sauce
almond flour ricotta cake with strawberries
almond cake rhubarb and strawberry sauce, poached rhubarb and fresh strawberries


Chop them in fruit salad, they are perfect contrast with some slightly tart nectarine, raspberries, passion fruit, kiwi. Add mint, anise hyssop or basil and serve it with some yogurt or ice cream.

strawberries and nectarine salad
farmers cheese dumpling with fruit salad


Change that tiramisu into a fruity one with adding a thick layer of sliced strawberries in between those lady fingers.

strawberry tiramisu


Do not stop at the sweet things!!!

Strawberries are great in salads with savory components. Feta cheese, cucumber, celery are match made in heaven with strawberries.

savory strawberry salad


Any kinds of goat cheese and balsamic goes very well with strawberries too, hence my favorite bite of some ripe goat brie, old aged, thick balsamic and basil on a toast.

goat brie and strawberry bruschetta


Have a strawberrylicous early summer Everyone!




















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