A glimpse into the life at Otium LA


Otium in Downtown LA is a contemporary restaurant with gorgeous space inside and outside next to the art museum, The Broad.


It is designed to be a social restaurant with an open kitchen merging indoor and outdoor spaces. The restaurant’s name, Otium, has its roots in Latin, a word that is meant to emphasize a place where time can be spent on leisurely social activities.  http://otiumla.com/about/
“Chef Timothy Hollingsworth’s 13 year history in Napa Valley, at The French Laundry, blended with his present roots as an Angeleno living in downtown Los Angeles, sets the stage for an environment of sophisticated rusticity with highly eclectic, vibrant and seasonal flavors.” http://otiumla.com/about/

I have dined there before and was impressed by the design and the airy open kitchen space. So when I came up with the idea to do a photography project on the life of a few select restaurants, I decided to approach Chef Timothy Hollingsworth for the Otium to be the first of this series.

I had full support from the staff at the restaurant, and Everyone was very welcoming. They were excited to see those captured moments that would never be seen otherwise. My  project at Otium is now finished.  I left the place with a heavy heart because once again I was lucky enough to have spent time in a kitchen that felt like home.

I hope you all like this little glimpse into the life of this particular restaurant and I will do my best to bring you more!

Let me know if there is a restaurant (in California for now) that you would like to see here!




3 responses to “A glimpse into the life at Otium LA”

  1. Love your unique idea and the execution is wonderful! Congratulations!
    You managed to capture such engaging moments, it makes me feel I’m there among those guys.
    How about the Rustic Canyon next?

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