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Hi Everyone!

My name is Bernadett and I was born in a small village in Hungary, surrounded by mountains, in the neighborhood of the famous village Tokaj where the most known wines of Hungary come from. Grew up spending most of my time in my Grandma’s kitchen listening to her stories about her tough childhood and really not being interested in her cooking tips. 🙂 She was a cook by profession working for our Bishop. She cooked lunch and dinner every single day and catered for extensive events for the priesthood.

Myself got interested in cooking much later when I started my independent life at the age of 20 and I sadly realized I have nobody to cook for me. In no time it was clear that no matter how I felt about cooking in my childhood, not only I remembered my grandma’s tips but somehow I soaked up her experience and skills without ever wanting to. In cooking, from the very first moment, I was looking for challenges, new methods and ingredients and I was always interested in other nations’ cuisines and trying to revamp Hungarian dishes.

When we moved to England I started giving lots of attention to British and Indian cuisine and became an expert of shepherd’s pies, bread puddings, trifles, curries and biriyani. But all this was just a hobby. I spent all my working life in offices, sitting behind a desk, in front of a computer and always envied those people who are really good at what they do and really love their job. For a very long time in our family this person was my husband.

This all changed when we moved to California in 2013. Suddenly all I had was spare time. Time to think of what really interests me. And it all boiled down to cooking and photography. So the precious time I suddenly got gifted with, was spent in culinary schools and photography workshops.

My blog which was born under the California sun takes you to the markets and farms of my neighborhood and then back to my home, behind my camera. From there eventually to my kitchen where I transform all the produce into creative plant powered dishes. During all this process hoping to guide and inspire many of you to venture out, buy local produce, get to know your unusual ingredients, be curious and make flavorful, beautiful dishes let it be simple or challenging, to enjoy with friends and family.

_DSC2826A plate of really good food always starts with the best possible ingredients. Fresh, local, seasonal, organic produce will taste superior to everything else and sets you off for success. The next step is making sure to use the proper technique to preserve the look and nutrients and enhance the flavor of your produce and ultimately your dish.

My camera is always with me so you can also be part of my culinary journeys at farms, workshops and professional kitchens and I am here to give advice and guidance on how to capture food so that it shows its most stunning side!



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