Saturday morning farmers market and a stroll on Venice Beach


Both me and my husband come and visit the Saturday Farmers Market in Santa Monica. We like to arrive early, to make sure not to miss anything special on any given day. Once we finish shopping we usually have a slow lazy morning in Santa Monica or Venice. It is always a great way to start the weekend, the place has such a holiday vibe.

I always have my camera with me so hopefully I can always show you something new, interesting, or just simply beautiful.

Santa Monica has farmers markets every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Each of them has a unique mission to fulfill.

“The Saturday Downtown Farmers Market, also known as the Organic Market, opened in May 1991.  With the passage of the California Organic Foods Act of 1990, consumers were eager for more organic produce and another market for weekend shopping. The Organic Market boasts the largest percentage of Certified Organic growers of the City’s four markets.”


DSC_4275 - Copy
DSC_4272 - Copy
artichoke blossom
DSC_4269 - Copy


After market we went to Venice and it showed its usual face with its lively outdoor life.

I am totally crazy about the sky and clouds. The amount of pictures I take of sky and clouds is endless….

It is amazing how your usual landscape, your everyday view can completely change with clouds appearing in them. They will paint the sky for you and they will make you happily stare at the same spot all over again giving you a different view.

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