Crab ravioli in an asparagus and pistachio avgolemono

I have bought so much asparagus during this season. And I have made asparagus soup too many times. So it was the time to make something else. I always wanted to try asparagus with pistachios because I do know it is a good pairing. But I was thinking of something else, other than soup :).

So when I got some good crab meat I decided to make it into a ravioli and serve with pistachio and asparagus sauce. When you make crab it will need acid. For sure. But you don’t want to make a tart ravioli, right? So the idea came from the Greek avgolemono sauce which is made with egg and lemon. In this case I used only the egg yolk and some cream to thicken and silken the texture of the sauce and add lemon juice at the end.

Also used my pretty wood sorrel leaves and blossoms for plating. They not only look pretty and perfect with this dish but their flavor profile matches so well.

If you like the idea of this dish please come back later for the recipe. I will update the post soon. Until then just enjoy its beauty.



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